As Lockdown continues, why not get reading?

With the latest advice from the Government looking like Lockdown will continue for another few weeks at least and our May open day now being cancelled - why not take the opportunity to check out one of our exclusive books on

Here are some of our faves:

Birmingham... The Sinister Side: One of our best sellers, this book takes you on a journey through Victorian and Edwardian Birmingham, with lots of prisoner mugshots, pictures of the slum housing and contemporary newspaper reports; this book brings crime and punishment to life

A Fair Cop: celebrating 100 years of female officers in the West Midlands. This book shares the stories of our pioneer female officers and the challenges they faced, along with those who came after them and the incredible achievements of women in policing across the West Midlands

Condition Red: Policing Birmingham through World War II - this book tells the stories of the bravery and heroism of police officers in Birmingham, charged with keeping the streets safe throughout the Blitz. With extra responsibilities, depleted ranks and terror in the skies night after night, the role of policing in Birmingham changed dramatically between 1939 and 1945.

Out of the Blue: Police Strike 1919 - it seems to be a little known story of the last time the police went on strike in Britain. In a fierce row over pay and working conditions, we take you through the successful London police strike of 1918 through to the chaotic 1919 strike across London, Birmingham and Liverpool and tell the stories of the men in Birmingham who risked everything and lost it all, along with the rise of the Police Federation. A story every member of the #policefamily should know

All this and much more at

Thank you for your support, and please continue to stay at home where possible and support the NHS. Stay safe all.

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