Remembering our founder - Charlie Elworthy

All the work we have done for the NLHF bid has made us look back and remember where the museum began. There has been a plaque on the wall at Sparkhill for many years commemorating the founder of the museum - the late Charlie Elworthy, a Birmingham City Police officer who created the museum at Tally Ho as a training aid for detectives. It quickly grew and he found many people wanted to donate items of historic significance as well as the items he required for training purposes.

It has also been lovely to hear from several people who have attended our open days telling us their memories of Charlie Elworthy and we have received one set of memoirs written by an officer who served from 1934 to 1972, where he fondly recollected Charlie taking in items such as the historic cameras that used to take prisoner mugshots at the Lock-up.

It has been our pleasure to put together this brief tribute video, recognising the significant contribution of Charlie in safeguarding many of the items that will feature as part of the museum displays in the future.

We will be remembering Dave Cross and the huge contribution he made, taking over the safeguarding of our heritage in the early 1990s, next week as we mark 3 years since his passing.

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