Planning Permission & Rewards Scheme

We are pleased to announce that planning permission and listed building consent have been received from Birmingham City Council for the proposed works at the Lock-up.

These include installing a disability access lift, a new accessible entrance onto Coleridge Passage, two new stairwells and other minor works. Part of the plans includes reverting the building back to more original features - such as revealing a window that has been hidden behind a partition wall in the charge area for decades and re-instating iron railings that were removed and replaced with partition walls in the 1990s.

But we need your help - it has been identified that the building needs a new roof, leading to a £150,000 shortfall in funding. If you want to help support the project to preserve this amazing historic building, allow us to carry out our engagement programme teaching young people about the history of policing and the impact of crime, and showcase two hundred of years of inspirational stories and developments - please consider making a donation to our crowdfunding page. We have recently added a rewards scheme, where bronze, silver and gold rewards are available for donations of £100, £250 and £500, giving supporters the chance to get a year long family pass or attend exclusive events.

Every little helps and if you can donate anything, however small, it would be very gratefully received and you will be helping to make these plans a reality.

Click here for the crowdfunding link.