Appeal for information from relatives of 1919 Birmingham Police strikers

London officers on strike in 1919

100 years ago this August, men from the Birmingham City Police went on strike and were instantly dismissed. 119 officers were listed in police orders, which has informed any publication referencing the strike since, but for the first time we can reveal there were actually 120 officers dismissed for their participation in the strike. All of the Birmingham Police ledgers were thoroughly reviewed which has identified one name missing off the official list. But what led so many seasoned and decorated officers, many of whom had recently returned from service in the Armed Forces during the Great War, to risk everything when the new Police Bill was already going through Parliament and would bring them a significant increase in pay?

Research is underway to produce a book to tell the story of those officers, including significant events the year before in London, and commemorate 100 years since the creation of the Police Federation - but there are many officers for which we don't have much information. We also hold relatively few photographs of the officers.

Some of our volunteer researchers are undertaking checks on family history websites to try and identify family members but we would also like to appeal to the general public - if you are descended from one of the Birmingham strike officers please do get in touch and share their story - please e-mail or use the contact form on this website. The full list of striking officers is detailed below:

Jack Allen

Thomas William Baggott

Joseph Bailey

George William Barker

John Bayley

Thomas Beardsall

Alfred Belcher

George William Bingle

George Blackham

William Frederick Booton

Alfred William Bragg

Francis Frederick Bruton

Charles Wilfred Bullock

John Burke

Alfred Cartwright

John Clansey

Herman Cole

Alfred Comley

Alfred Homer Cresswell

Frederick Bruce Crouch