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We are very excited to unveil two new books on the history of policing, crime and punishment in Birmingham - just in time for Christmas!

Condition Red

Condition Red: Air Raid Imminent - is about policing Birmingham during WWII and tells the brave stories of the officers who regularly risked their lives to save families caught up in enemy air raids. It records every officer the force lost at home during the war and pays tribute to those who died after joining the Armed Services to fight overseas.

The book also tells the story of little known groups of individuals who joined the police during the war - the Police Auxiliary Messengers and the Women's Auxiliary Police Corps. These two groups really helped to boost the numbers and take care of essential police work whilst officers were leaving in their hundreds to join the Armed Forces.

With many never seen before pictures from the police museum archives and several shared by friends of the Police Museum who tell the stories of their family members during the War, this really is a must for history lovers and police history enthusiasts alike. This book is available direct from the Lock-up or WMPeelers for £9.99 - 33% off the RRP.

The second book we are proud to offer for sale - is a re-print of an original by Steve Jones: Birmingham... The Sinister Side. This book was originally printed in 1998 and has since sold 300,000 copies - regularly going out of print and it hasn't been available in shops for years. Telling stories of crime and punishment from Victorian and Edwardian Birmingham, this book brings history to life with many incredible pictures of the streets and houses of Birmingham and mugshots from the police archives.

Birmingham: The Sinister Side

This book has been produced as a hardback for the first time and is a must for anyone interested in learning more about the history of Birmingham. This book is available direct from the Lock-up or WMPeelers for £14.99 - a 25% discount off the RRP of £19.99.

All money from these two books will be contributing to the fundraising to relocate the police museum from Sparkhill to a permanent home at the Steelhouse Lane Lock-up.

You can purchase your copy from or from the Lock-up at one of our events.