Remembering PC David Christopher Green

PC David Green joined Birmingham City Police just before it became West Midlands Police in the spring of 1974. He had already been commended several times for bravery when he was on patrol in the city centre on the 17th July 1975.

When he reached the Rainbow Suite on High Street, the venue was just closing for the evening and most of the customers were on their way home. Suddenly a 19 year old gang member drew a knife and waved it in front of the young officer, before quickly trying to walk away.

PC David Christopher Green

PC Green was not one to let such a dangerous item slip past him and he challenged the youth and took the knife from him, before arresting him for possession of an offensive weapon. Things then took a turn for the worse as PC Green was surrounded by the gang as he fought hard to hold on to his prisoner.

The prisoner then made his escape and PC Green took chase, before catching up to 20 year old Demond Arnas Wilson. A member of the Shortie Boys gang, Wilson carried a knife and callously plunged it into PC Green’s chest, before running away. PC Green bravely continued to chase his attacker before he eventually collapsed onto the pavement. An ambulance was quickly called and he was taken to hospital but tragically died on the operating table. PC Green was only 20 years old.

Memorial to PC Green, paid for by his colleagues at the Steelhouse Lane Hostel

Colleagues immediately flooded the area and searched for the murder weapon and the offender. Initial attempts proved fruitless but a thorough investigation commenced during which a carving knife was later found buried in a flowerbed near a department store and the offender was named, leading to surveillance activities around premises he was known to frequent. The hard work paid off and Wilson was arrested and charged with the murder of PC Green, being convicted in January 1976.

The Judge told him: ‘You were brutal, selfish and callous. He was a very brave, gallant officer. The sentence is that you be imprisoned by the court for life.’

Two other youths were also convicted of assaulting the policeman.