Latest tickets released

Tickets have now been released for the next open day on Wednesday 15th August. These days are great for the whole family with something for everyone, including:

- Display of old kit and equipment from our police museum

- Victorian prisoner photographs to learn about the history of crime and punishment and some of the former residents

- History quiz for kids to learn about the building and policing in Birmingham

- Uniform to try on

- Fingerprinting for kids

- A chance to have a look round our little shop and support our fundraising

Tickets are available for 4 different 1.5 hour timeslots during the day and are available here £5 for adults and £3.50 for kids aged 5-12 (under 5s free):

August open day tickets - click here

Corinne Brazier and Insp Steve Rice

The evening talk for August will be on Friday 17th from 6-8pm - cost £10. During this event you will hear a talk on the history of female police officers in the West Midlands including some of our pioneer policewomen who took the very first steps in policing in Birmingham back in 1917. Delivering the talk will be Corinne Brazier and Insp Steve Rice, authors of A Fair Cop - celebrating 100 years of female officers in the West Midlands. There will also be the chance to purchase the A Fair Cop to learn more about these inspirational women and how things have changed over the past century. All the proceeds from the sale of these books goes to the following charities - Coventry Haven, Black Country Women's Aid and Anawim in Birmingham. Tickets available here:

A Fair Cop - celebrating 100 years of women in policing in the West Midlands

 After the talk there will be approximately 30-40 minutes to look round the building, browse our museum display and pay a visit to the shop.

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