A Sign of the Times...

When the Shard End Police Station sign arrived at the Police Museum, it was quite a sorry sight. The paint was peeling off, some of the letters were hanging off and the mount was disintegrating:

The sign at the Lock-up earlier in the year

We can see the sign proudly standing over the entrance to Shard End Police Station in this pic (courtesy of VinnyMan1 from Flickr):

Shard End Police Station

And we have even heard from a former policewoman who lived in the married quarters on the first floor how the shaped blue neon bulbs left a lovely blue glow through her window in the late 1960s.

We did an appeal a few months ago to ask for someone to help us to restore the sign to its former glory. It gives me great pleasure to unveil the new and improved sign which arrived back at the Lock-up this week, and say a huge thanks to George Styles who completed the repair work and Steve Styles of Style Fabrications for supplying the materials.

George (left) and Steve Styles who repaired the sign

Corinne Brazier and Steve Rice with George Styles