#WMP Treasures no.7 - Chief Supt Edwin Percy Bennett

Edwin Percy Bennett joined Birmingham City Police in 1894, having just turned 21 years of age. A railway porter from Droitwich, he was 6ft tall and had only one period of sickness in his 44 year career - in relation to an injury received whilst on duty.

His record is full of achievements, accolades and gratuities for good police work and bravery including:

- 1897 - awarded a gratuity for special services at a fire at the Prince of Wales Theatre

- 1898 awarded a gratuity for courageous conduct in stopping a runaway horse in Broad Street

- 1899 awarded a gratuity for courageous conduct once again for stopping a runaway horse in Broad Street (does not state if same horse)

- 1902 more courageous conduct in stopping runaway horses (more than one!)

- 1905 - awarded first stripe or merit for 'clever capture of burglars'

- 1909 - complimented for good police duty in arresting persons concerned in a vendetta (sounds like a Peaky Blinders episode!)

- 1933 - awarded the MBE

- 1935 - awarded the King's Police Medal

- 1938 - awarded the Coronation Medal

He became a sergeant in 1902, an inspector in 1908, chief inspector in 1916, superintendent in 1918 and finally chief superintendent in 1930 on the A Division. He died in 1955 at the age of 81.

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