The Last Birmingham Officer to Summon Help Using a Whistle

The last Birmingham officer to summon help with a whistle did so after being stabbed in January 1966.

PC Gordon Law was stabbed in the back when he discovered young people stealing lead from the roof of a school on St Luke’s Road in Balsall Heath.

As he approached one of the suspects he was stabbed with a sheath knife.

PC Law managed to blow his whistle before losing consciousness.

The quick actions of a nearby resident, who heard the whistle and sent his young son to see what was happening, meant PC Law was soon found.

They ran to Belgrave Road police station to tell them what had happened. Colleagues went to PC Law’s rescue and took him to hospital where he recovered from his life threatening injuries.

A 19 year old man was arrested and charged with attempted murder following the attack. He was later sentenced to ten years imprisonment. In 1967 whistles were replaced by personal radios.