WMP Treasures no.6 - Specials Commander Owen Parkes

Specials Commander Owen Parkes certainly has a record worthy of acknowledgement. Born in 1875, he first joined the Birmingham City Police Special Constabulary in January 1916 where he served until July 1917, when like many others he left to join the Armed Forces.

Commander Owen Parkes

He returned in October 1919 where he served for a further 27 years, until some time after the conclusion of the Second World War, in September 1946.

During the time of his service as a special his occupation was that of a wholesale grocer which he ran from his home in Bordesley Green. He was married to Amy Jane Parks on March 24 1897 in Wellesbourne, Warwickshire but she died on July 3 1952.

He served on the E Division and was based at Coventry Road Police Station (now the Bill and Bull public house).

To recognise his service, Commander Parkes received his long service medal in 1927, the first bar in 1937 and the second bar in 1943.

He was a Section Leader from very early on, became Sub-Commander in 1926, Chief Sub-Commander in 1937 and Commander in 1938 before eventually resigning in September 1946.

Commander Owen Parkes presenting gold watch

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