Halloween at the lock-up: further date added!

Further to the half term open day at the lock-up full of Halloween fun and activities, we are pleased to announce two further timeslots on Saturday 28th October for the standard unaccompanied tour - where you can browse the whole building, try on uniform, have your fingerprints taken and see some of the museum items:

In addition to this, we are holding a guided tour from 6-8pm where visitors will get the chance to hear 5 mini talks about Victorian policing, including one on the last public hanging in Birmingham from local historian Kay Hunter, hear about what life was like for a bobby chasing Jack the Ripper from the legendary Neil Bell (or Police Gazette as you may know him on Twitter), hear about how the building used to operate and the people that worked there and finally hear about some of the old kit and equipment used by the police over the years. There are only a limited number of tickets for this tour so get yours quick!