PC Robert Evans Ace

Robert Evans Ace commenced his police career in Birmingham in May 1930. 20 years of age, from Swansea, he completed his motorcycle training in 1937 - which then allowed him to ride the police motorcycles. At about 11.20pm on 24th September 1941 P.C.E. 177 Ace was riding a police motorcycle combination down the Stratford Road in Sparkhill, towards the city, when a car pulled out on him without warning, leading to a collision which saw the motorcycle overturn. Whilst not declared 'accidental' or 'dangerous' driving, the coroner stated that if many other people had been driving there would have been no accident. Black-out conditions were in place at the time and it was considered that riding a police motorcycle in these conditions, carried an additional degree of risk, leading to PC Ace's widow being granted a special pension. Robert Ace's son Gerald was four years old when his Dad was killed. It wasn't until 2015 when a digitisation project at the West Midlands Police Museum identified PC Ace as missing from the Roll of Honour, that his name was finally recorded. Gerald travelled to Birmingham to see his father being officially recognised.

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