PC Eric George King

Born in 1915 in Halstead, Essex, PC King joined Birmingham City Police on 25/5/1936. PC King injured his right knee when kneeling at rifle instruction during a ‘rapid action’ exercise on 26/6/1940. He went to the General Hospital where the Surgeon told him the cartilage of his knee was torn and would have to be removed. He was admitted for an operation on the 29th June. He collapsed whilst the anaesthetic was being administered and died. A post mortem showed that the death was due to cardiac failure during the early stages of the anaesthetic. The report states ‘it is clear that he sustained injury to his knee during the rifle exercise and that the operation rendered necessary led to his death… it seems quite clear that PC King died from the effects of an injury received in the execution of his duty.’ He died in the General Hospital 2/7/1940 aged 24.

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