PC Alexander Lawson Hamilton Forrest

Alex joined the Coventry City Police in December 1958. Amalgamation came with Coventry and Warwickshire Constabulary and finally the West Midland Police Force. He spent nearly all of his career in the CID. According to his widow he loved his job and in many ways it was his life.

On the night PC Forrest died he was on duty at a political meeting for the Conservative party. A general election was to be held in June 1979 and the IRA was active in Birmingham and Coventry at that time therefore all political figures and meetings required police protection.
Seemingly half way through the meeting he felt very ill with pains in his chest. The MP who was speaking at the meeting, Mr John Butcher, Coventry MP, said he should go home. However, he radioed for help and refused to leave the hall until a replacement was sent from the police headquarters. He suffered, some small heart attaches and by the time his replacement arrived he had suffered a severe heart attack and died on his way to the hospital.

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